Hello world!

Hello world!

 This a new site that adds to the conversation on the end of life. 

I started this blog as an addition to my journal.I am a registered nurse and work in palliative care. I was surprised after returning to the clinical area that there was very little change in end of life care. So I began to ask questions. My studies were further advanced after the death of my mother. I found gaps in her nursing care, at the end of her life.  Strange how I was her carer yet was not heard when time came for others to care for her. 

The practice of blogging is new to me so please forgive me as I begin stumbling through these pages. I hope I will get my running shoes before long.

Happy blogging!


About Jennifer Carter

I am currently undertaking a PhD on End of Life studies. I have created this blog to discuss with you matters related to end of life.
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