Understanding Spirituality

I recently attended a writing retreat, a retreat where I met some of the best academic minds in the nursing profession. It was fabulous to sit and chat about writing, and to watch these people doing what they do best. Women leading the nursing profession with their wisdom.Whilst chatting over dinner one night they told me about a colleague who was always respectful of others. Nothing was ever too much trouble and she was simply ‘nice to everyone she met’

I thought for a minute and considering my PhD topic, I said that I wondered what her belief system was. At this, came a reply ‘I don’t think that she has any particular religious beliefs’. How strange I thought that immediately it was considered that a personal belief would automatically assume a religious belief. My mind was wrapped around spirituality. I wondered if this women had a strong connection to family, or perhaps to the earth or the sea? What did she do in her own time that she was able to connect with her colleagues in such a humane way? Did she love music or the arts? I guess I won’t know.

Here is what I wish, that the best minds in the country do not automatically assume that religion guides our belief systems. My understanding is first comes the spirit of all things, then comes the doctrine that we might or might not believe in.

That we are first spiritual beings, connected to earth, stars and to each other. I know that perhaps I might have misunderstood the intent of the answer that I was given. Perhaps it was just a by and by with not much thought. I preferred to enjoy the company and not to discuss such things at that particular time, but my thoughts are always buzzing around on the topic of spirituality.


About Jennifer Carter

I am currently undertaking a PhD on End of Life studies. I have created this blog to discuss with you matters related to end of life.
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