Reflecting on blogging


The time has come, I have been asked to reflect on writing this blog.  As you can see by my posts I have at times found it hard to express my self in essay form, at times only poetry comes. Most often poetry arises from the moments that  are the hardest in my working environment.   We (nurses and doctors) are continually patching people up, patching people to take the next not so perfect step. Insert another tube, another line, do this scan and that procedure. Cut this piece out and that piece as well. Let us all keep the secret, the secret of death. Yes, we can. We can do that, we can patch you up and hide from you the truth…that you will someday die! and it might be sooner than what you think. If you ask me, I’m obliged not to say….the end is near.

Writing the blog has given me a means to vent about the sadness of the dying process in our modern world. Where we will go to great lengths not to die, not at least until we have exhausted all medical treatments. It is great that we have reached a point in our society where we can save life but to what extent? What happens to the quality of our super extended lives? Some of us go to extra- ordinary lengths to keep ourselves young or to resize, uplift, reshape and dye our bodies in hope that the inevitable just will not happen. Now we can implant and print body parts all this is great however, I wonder how far it will go to extend our lives and increase our quality of life. How important is the quality of your life? When do you want to say enough is enough? Are you prepared for the end of life? Have you spoken to your friends and family and talked about what you want at the end of your life.

Numerous questions on reflection:

The reason for writing this blog is not linked to a course structure or a particular output as mentioned in various research articles. It is purely to experience the experience of writing a blog. What does the experience of writing reflect back to me? How has this experience affected my writing? or has it affected my writing in any way? It is often said that a blogger blogs to be part of a wider community, how is this so when it appears that there are no actually readers of the blog? or are there?

On reflection the difficulties that I have found about blogging:

Becoming brave enough to share my ideas and thoughts to the world (even if the blog is not read). Trying to find the words to express my thoughts and feelings. Trying not to be too analytical.

Positives of blogging:

Being able to look back and recall specific events that have occurred then been forgotten or  allowed to be let go, on the page. Keeping track of my ideas and sharing interesting links to  others (even if they are only interesting to myself). To physically see how over time thoughts and feelings are becoming easier for me to reveal to others. Becoming brave enough to share to a wider community.


About Jennifer Carter

I am currently undertaking a PhD on End of Life studies. I have created this blog to discuss with you matters related to end of life.
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