Is death a dirty word?

Interesting while wading through my data analysis I find some insights that I agree with and that I have been saying myself for some time. Does this make my research null and void? Aren’t I meant to be finding ‘things’ that I didn’t know?

I’ve always thought the ridiculousness of saying that we have  lost someone when they have died was ridiculous. I find myself saying and sometimes out loud ‘were did you lose them?’

We are all going to die, that is one thing for certain about living that we will die. Why is it that the majority of the Anglo-Saxon world just cannot say or think about the word ‘death and dying’ it is astonishing even in the face of death, I can’t say the words that your mother is dying in case the family member is offended by the death word. Ridiculous… Is this a new phenomenon or a recent one?  I think that I will research this question more…

I asked several women over the last few days at work how they felt when their children died. Although the women are now into their 80th year they recalled how they felt when their children died, one from drowning and the other from gas poisoning. I know that it was many years since the death of their children but to my surprise they simply said “what will be will be, and you can’t change things” they seem to be at peace with the death of their young children. And not distressed to discuss matters of their death with me. I wonder if this is because death was not such a dirty word years ago. Most people had a granny who shared the house with them until they died, most people didn’t live past 70 years and many children died through communicable diseases. Have we pushed the thought of our death to the backs of our mind because we just don’t experience death of close family members as often as we did before? Many of our elderly parents now die in hospitals and nursing homes although the trend is changing back to dying at home so perhaps death will become not such a dirty word in the future.


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About Jennifer Carter

I am currently undertaking a PhD on End of Life studies. I have created this blog to discuss with you matters related to end of life.
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