Camino Walk

Well it seems that all this writing on death and dying has got me moving in a strange way. I have never hiked, I have also never enjoyed hiking for long hours in the bush. I live surrounded by bush with a  2 kilometre track that is akin to hiking every time I walk it.

For some reason, after spending a weekend replacing a floor eaten by white ants I suddenly decided that I had had enough of this. Rebuilding this bush house that has been totally destroyed by fire, only to be rebuilt to be destroyed by white ants. I decided  that it was time to make changes. Everyday that I sit down to write I read about how short life is and how the people in my stories what to squeeze every ounce out of the life they have left. It seems to be the right thing to do when you are living a relatively healthy life.

I watched a movie called ” The Way” about an elderly man (my age) who after the death of his son while walking the Camino Way he decided to leave his comfortable life behind and complete  the journey. I also decided that I wanted to walk the Way, funny enough I live on a Way not a street. So, my days are filled now with walking the track in preparation for my  700 kilometre walk.

I told my husband my decision and he was pleased, he researched all the information and is excitedly looking forward to the walk. I told my sister of my intentions and she is also joining us . As she lives in France near the beginning of the walk she is also excited about the prospect of walking through Spain. In fact she also suggested a walk through the Pyrenees ! Yikes what have I started.

Firstly, I must finish this thesis …so I had better get cracking and see what comes of this idea in the future but right now I am super excited at the idea of just walking through France and Spain.  I document this here as I feel it is an important milestone in this thesis, I am currently in the middle of writing my data collection with a total of 10390 written to date! that is as well as working on the wards…but no more night duty so the days are getting easier.


About Jennifer Carter

I am currently undertaking a PhD on End of Life studies. I have created this blog to discuss with you matters related to end of life.
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