Have you ever thought of a home funeral and a natural burial?

While researching the history of funerals in England I came across a new trend that is occurring more often in Canada than anywhere else in the world but nevertheless I hope the concept spreads. The link below is short video on how to carry out your own home funeral.

Home funerals an interesting concept

It reminds me of my friend who died many years ago in her early 40’s. Being a nurse she did not want to be placed into the fridge and this was the reason that she had to be buried quickly. She had planned the whole funeral way before her death. The funeral director was not happy how she organised her casket to made by friends, how she wanted it to be hand painted and decorated  her friends and family. Driven on the back of a ute by her mother in her home made casket. Nor did they like that she wanted to direct how she was taken into the funeral home and that she wanted her friends to say the final goodbye, with no farewell from the funeral director he/she was not invited to her funeral. She was thinking out of the box (forgive the pun) she was innovative and determined to have her funeral the way she wanted it, directed by her. And so it was, we dressed her in the clothes that she had chosen in the cool of the air conditioned room with no interference ( in the form of jaw stitching,  socket protection, face paint, body orifices stuffed) from a funeral home, in the cask that was made by her friends, with the final button that drove her into the fire pushed by her friends.

Here is a green burial guide and here is the UK Good Funeral Guide which gives you all of the information in the UK


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I am currently undertaking a PhD on End of Life studies. I have created this blog to discuss with you matters related to end of life.
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