Just love my Zrii

I am writing about my  favourite product because it has come into my life at the most perfect time. What is time? this is the question that I find I must consider many times when writing my PhD. A lot of issues always seem to drift back to the meaning of time. More about that later, the focus for me at this minute are the products of Zrii herbal supplements and meal replacements. I have for all of my nursing career dedicated my time to herbal medicine, in many forms. From introducing aromatherapy onto the medical ward to making my own soaps, pure clean soaps that contain no extra chemicals. Soaps that need to be used because there are no preservatives to keep them forever.

Zrii is based on the principles of Ayurveda, ancient wisdom of healing. It uses herbs such as ginger, amalaki, tulsi, turmeric, haritaki,  jujube and schizandra, amongst others in the products. It is clean  and has been formulated by Dr Deepak Chopra. New to Australia it is yet to make its mark. But the strength of the product will not go unnoticed for very long. The meal replacement, Achieve has the lowest amount of sugar than any of its counterparts.

Unlike other meal replacements Achieve, does not only  contain essential  vitamins and minerals  but also the essential herbs for maintaining health and well being. As a weight loss method it has been well proven, but not only that it has kept up my energy levels when I was too busy  for breakfast. Amalaki contains a concentrated extract of the herbs listed and has the ability to assist in weight loss, to balance hormones, to enhance immunity against disease and to reduce cholesterol, all proven to be fact by my own family.

The company Zrii also donates money to charity another plus, and it spreads its business footprint into countries that just don’t have a chance at big business. It is a business for prosperity for some people who may never ever get that chance. Just ask the people in Peru and Malaysia.  Not big business but small business made possible for everyday people who want to make a difference.

The link to the website is listed here, it is very easy just take a look and if you want to try an amazing clean product just shop now, no strings attached and you will not look back.




About Jennifer Carter

I am currently undertaking a PhD on End of Life studies. I have created this blog to discuss with you matters related to end of life.
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