August late post…


Time has come and gone and I must post this now for August. I have to think now where I am up to with my PhD. I am currently honing in on my writing, which in its self is quite refreshing. I find that getting clearer in my writing and discarding all the unnecessary words is akin to un-cluttering my life. The more I throw away, whether it be words or things, the clearer my writing, my thinking and my life in general becomes. In fact, after what seems to a night full of ‘thinking’ I have decided to use my own art works in my PhD. This revelation came to me after my daughter suggested the idea. I, of course, discarded the notion immediately, thinking to my self that my art is not worthy of being included. Then after some time chasing copyright on material that I am not even sure is owned by the blog site I decided to go with my own images….I can’t wait now to see what the final images will look like. Just the creativity of finding the right image whether it be a photo or a painting to match the stories, I feel connects me on another level to the story writers within my thesis. So, I think I will start with my blog, matching images to stories, which is what I seem to instinctively do anyway.

Meanwhile, I have not been home for a couple of months now, taking care of my grandmother, mother duties is extremely time consuming in an emotional kind of way. I am finally over the flu, of which I have had two doses, like most of my family.


About Jennifer Carter

I am currently undertaking a PhD on End of Life studies. I have created this blog to discuss with you matters related to end of life.
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