Slow beginnings

It is certainly hard to get started again after a hiatus from my usual activities at home. It feels like a real slump in my Ph.D but this is not really so as I am in the middle of producing a small book on my journey thus far. Between the shadows, will be presented at a conference in Africa, and I eagerly await the next month as I finalise all of the necessary bits and pieces of my trip.
I have also a new puppy who is lying at my feet, after stuffing herself silly with dog food…she is now unable to walk and sleep she must.

Last month was full of grandchildren, which mainly meant me flying between all four families to care for their children. It is so exhausting to care for children when at the grandmother stage of life. I  now have an understanding of how my own mother must of felt being surrounded by my children and her own two when she was a grandmother. Granted, though, she was able to sit and sleep in the afternoons. I never understood her need to nap in front of her favourite soap opera, but I sure do now a days.

I think too, that although it seems that I have not been busy writing my PhD I have snatched moments between babysitting and marking millions of student essays to catch up on my work. But I must admit that having the time that I now have is luxury that I will not take for granted, I hope.

I have also connected with a wonderful project that is trying to reimagine death. The Zen Hospice  Project, here is the link:

This is a project that is directly related to my studies and as it would happen is how I would like to change the view of death and dying. On their opening page they share:

Our mission is to help change the experience of dying. We create a space for living that offers the opportunity for individuals, their loved ones and caregivers to find comfort, connection, and healing in this shared human experience. Through our pioneering model of care, we inspire each other to live fully. Zen Hospice Mission Statement

And just so I remember all the fun we had with Big Red, I say goodbye to him and his girls. last month his demise was sudden and full of fox (I suspect). He did put a great fight being the fiery creature that he was, thanks for all the chicks Big Red and we hope you rest in chicken heaven.





About Jennifer Carter

I am currently undertaking a PhD on End of Life studies. I have created this blog to discuss with you matters related to end of life.
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