I have missed writing in the month of December, which illustrates just how chaotic my life has been for a few weeks. Christmas knows how to creep up and consume life. Not to mention that having 4 children their spouses and 12 grandchildren is a lot of responsibility to fulfill. Nevertheless, Christmas was hot and grand affair, with all of the family together, my dream Christmas. However, this did impact on my writing, well almost non-existent writing for the last month. I am now thinking that perhaps I cannot do this task that I have set myself, self doubt is an awful thing as it eats away at your capabilities and in the end it has the potential to become realized. I think I will set my self a new goal, that is to learn the ukulele-lets see how that goes, 2017.

2016, was a great year with two of my children gaining their doctoral degrees. And a visit to Africa for a presentation linked to my PhD and a family trip to New Zealand. An empty beach house, which means trips to the beach more often and I gave up my physical on-the -wards nursing career. Since giving up work mid June I have been busier than usual. I really do not know how I ever went to work in the first place! I am so grateful for my scholarship, which ends soon.

We also have another grandchild on the way…so bring on 2017. I also have another conference to attend in Canada, so that will be interesting as I am racing towards the final of my PhD. Back to writing again, it feels confusing and also scary at the same time. Especially as I have another chapter to work on and decide on the best way to precede.

So far I have written far too much!!! One chapter blew out at over 90 pages! that is with reducing the amount of storytellers. So, what to do? I will have to delete, delete and delete!

So at the moment here is an image on the confusion as it unfolds in my writing process. 2016-11-30-11-24-41



About Jennifer Carter

I am currently undertaking a PhD on End of Life studies. I have created this blog to discuss with you matters related to end of life.
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