Uh Oh March Already

Well, it seems that I didn’t get here in Feb so I had better do two blogs in March. Although I am in the same place at the same time doing the same thing, that’s right, writing I have managed to get through my funk.

I have inserted a picture of the huge crowd that found joy in listening to an afternoon of music as the sun went down. I think as a community we need to get together more often, to spend time amongst others with a common link, that being the sound of music, which has the ability to uplift the spirit. Human beings are social beings and simply living and working in an isolated environment can create a void of the spirit found in the company of others with like minds. The grounds by the foreshore were crowded with people dancing and swaying to the music. Many, like me had travelled for hours to share in the joyful experience, an out door concert, picnic blankets and baskets, feet moving to the sounds of beating drums.

Also, included here is a new family member, who has managed to bring lots of love to the small family unit. Sophie, the dancing poodle.


Although I didn’t realise it at the time that I wrote my previous blog, the picture of the elephant managed to give me insight on how to move forward, in my thesis. I was unable to collate all the information it seemed to much to collate 80 thousand words into a final note. OMG.
However, it happened and I found in afternoon it all came together, I paused and sat for a while letting all the information sink into some sort of form and ideas started to sprout, thank goodness for that. Ganesh, the elephant God managed to pack up my troubles and move me through the mud.

Now in March I find that I am indeed wrapping this thesis up, putting it into a final whole and making sense of all the data collection. I am at the stage of refining the work, adding references and sorting out the sentences that make up the paragraphs that make up the pages. Ensuring that it all flows and makes sense, in a coherent sort of way. I have now a whole document of 82 thousand words, amazing!
Lets see what happens in my next blog.

I must remember that this thesis On the Lived Experience Toward the End of Life contains words, thoughts and expressions of those who may not be living now, and no matter of what I think of my writing the ideas expressed by the participants or storytellers in this thesis remain powerful and sacred last words. And as such must be honoured.

I had a short stint away in Brisbane going to a concert, which was fabulous. Although, I was worrying about getting back to my writing I enjoyed the break away. There is no doubt that Xavier Rudd holds a space that is inclusive of all, his music is so uplifting and reminiscent of the old hippy days where love and peace were celebrated. Despite the war that was raging.
So, I leave this post with a picture and link to the music of Xavier Rudd.

Take a stroll to the nearest waters and remember your place, what does the heart say, follow the sun …….which way the wind blows when this day is done.


About Jennifer Carter

I am currently undertaking a PhD on End of Life studies. I have created this blog to discuss with you matters related to end of life.
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