All broken things

Ok so that is out of the way, now to document my ankle story. Three weeks ago I was walking/running my giant poodle that was hit by a car. This dog had a fractured femur and had to have it removed. This required rehab, regular walking on the leash. This is what I was doing when plop, I fell over on my ankle and heard a snap, sure enough, it was broken.

Talk about painful, unbelievable and when I made it into A&E and was asked to assign a number to the pain, I thought that it was the most ridiculous thing that I could do.Pain is subjective and my 10 is not your 10/10 so there. It turned out I was right. I said to the nurse my pain was 10/10. She said ‘ oh well’ at least you are  honest go and sit down and we’ll call you later, first of all, walk around to Xray it is just around the corner.”

Oh dear, I had to ask for ice to be applied, I had to ask for a panadol and I had to put my foot up on the chair next door to my seat. Grey hair, denoted the lowest triage number, just sit, walk around to Xray, nothing for pain, no ice. This just wasn’t how I have treated people of any age with a brake of any sort. I always went out of my way to help people not to ignore them. Just to add insult to injury A & E was not busy. I had picked a good time to arrive.

The doctor called me into the room, after looking at my Xray. He watched me walk past the wheelchair, trying to hobble into the room without any walking aids. He knew that I had broken my ankle, he had the pictures to prove it….God damn it, couldn’t, shouldn’t he have said you must not walk on that break. I thought perhaps that it was a strain I had not seen the pictures.!!!!!

So, three weeks later I am still eating painkillers although less frequently. And I am hobbling around with an enormous boot on my leg. Here is hoping that it all heals quickly and smoothly.

About Jennifer Carter

I am currently undertaking a PhD on End of Life studies. I have created this blog to discuss with you matters related to end of life.
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