Ph.D.​ progress report

Well, here I am, still waiting to get my work reviewed, as it is ready to hand in (I think). I have had to create my own personal timeline and manage those people around me as the time slips away and nothing really moves forward.  I could, of course, write endlessly and fix up every mistake and rewrite a million pages again, but what is the point. All things must come to an end and so it is with my thesis. Finished on time, except for others. Therefore it’s off to the editor by the end of this month, whether it is reviewed or not. Great, I am glad that I have come to a point where I feel it is done, so the stress has gone.

Once again I have just returned from a trip to New Zealand, a quick trip this time, but I also managed to get in a conference on palliative care, which was very interesting. Have you ever written about someone, then met them and they totally live up to your expectations? This happen to me in NZ. For ages I have been referencing a person who is researching on the same topic. I have enjoyed her work and always thought that we agreed on many issues. And that we are only a few of the people who are undertaking research on end of life matters. It was incredible to meet her in person and to discover that she such a spiritual warrior and very knowledgeable on end of life matters related to Indigenous peoples.

My goals for the end of this month are to send my theses to the editor and to complete all the referencing and bits and pieces that go with the final edit.


About Jennifer Carter

I am currently undertaking a PhD on End of Life studies. I have created this blog to discuss with you matters related to end of life.
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